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Rob Short's Dance Anthems

rob short dance anthems

Join me Rob Short on Pulse98.4 fm every Saturday afternoon from 3pm till 5pm for dance anthems. I'll take you through the last 3 decades of dance music warming you for your big Sat night out.

I've been a bar, club function DJ for over 14 years now playing in lots of venues across Central Scotland. Hosting residences over the years.

I took an interest in music at a very early age all types and when I became a teenager i was always more into dance music.

I started off djing family parties and New Year house parties to begin with and moved on to bigger. I love presenting dance anthems on a Sat afternoon perfect time to warm up for a big night out

I've been presenting dance anthems for good while now and pleased to say more and more listeners every week. Sat afternoon 3 till 5 pm

Its good to go forward even better to go back.


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