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Booked on Pulse is a programme that brings together two of my great loves – books and radio. It is a privilege to have one hour a week to chat to guests and review books. I try to put myself into the place of the listener and ask the questions they would like to ask.

I love recommending books to friends and through Booked I get to reach a much wider audience. I like to make the show as varied as possible and in the last few months have spoken to Jeffrey Deaver, Scottish PEN, Sue Reid Sexton, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Helen McKinven, Dyslexia Scotland, Ajay Close, Peter Robinson, and the Scottish Writers Centre. I also have great fun choosing the music for each programme, from themed playlists to a whole show of my favourite groups or artists.

I usually ask my guests to reveal their Bucket List Books, three books that they think are essential reading. It is so difficult for book lovers to boil down their choices to just three but it can be surprising when they reveal their choices.

Booked is a relaxed conversation about books, reading and writing. Just what every book lover needs for a lazy Sunday afternoon with the radio on.